Saturday, February 23, 2013

Completed table.

Added two kinds of flock, all over the place. It really tied it together. Did the bridge with chips of door skin to look like slats, and mosaic tiles to stand in for masonry, sand in the recesses- then washed it with a watery mix of whatever acrylic was on my pallet to desaturate the color. Then I mixed up a batch of bar-top with teal acrylic to fill in the brackish water pools. BAM! The board is done, and in 8-10 hours of drying, it will be ready to play on. 

Close up of the bridge, the brackish water and some flock. I like the reflection on the water in this one, but hate that I  can see places I missed with flock. Oh well, save it for the next table.
One more close up to compare with the earlier WIP from the last post.

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  1. This looks amazing! I really miss making terrain. I can't wait to play on it.