Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Map revision

Here is the map, after revisions based on a meeting with the recipient. I hope this gets closer to his desires, but I am ready to make whatever changes necessary to get it fit his exact needs. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

one hour speed paint #2

Another speed paint from the same book as yesterday, Passages , by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. Amazing book. I am looking forward to doing about 5-6 more from it before moving on to new subject matter for my exercises.


Karo man from Ethiopia. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

one hour speedpaint

Speed paint of an African bride from the Berber Tribe. From a  photo in the book Passages by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. At 50 min I gave up... I did not think I could make it better without another 2 hours, so I did not push it.

my mom bought me the book about 12 years ago to make some painting from it. Better late than never.... I hope!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anwyn- a map for a friend

Here is a first draft WIP of a map I am making for a friend of mine. He will use it to enhance his D&D game. I said I would do this for him about 5 years ago, and yes, I am just getting to it. I have no excuse.

I will be reviewing it with him today, getting feedback, and making the necessary alterations  based on our discussion.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nod rule set first print

My first full rule set, the Land of Nod, is complete. I had a lot of help form my brother and a very good friend. This is the second or third draft, and needed to be printed as a working prototype to hand in for a portion of my Thesis requirements at San Jose State. The hard bound book was printed at, and they did a pretty nice job!

Peeking in on the inside of the cover. This draft of the book needs a couple more passes to finish off some of the rules and fluff sections, and get art in. While its playable now, it needs some solid testing, over a few months, before I am ready to finalize anything. 

Here is a peek at a page of mutable profiles, and their special rules. The game focuses heavily on the composition of your force, rewarding those who love to seriously customize their game play experience- an option that is becoming more and more rare as games become more and more streamlined.

Behind the rule book are some early prototypes for a force's roster sheet. They are laminated for ease of use during game

Here is a quick example of a draft of a layout detailing one of the missions in the book.

Sneak peek of some of the deployment zones for an included campaign. There is also a first look at an old world map of Nod, though much of this has changed at this point. 

A first draft of some fluff in a page layout.

First draft of a model and its stat line. Rules are not set, but this gives you an idea of  how the information will be arranged on a page. All profiles are broken down on an easy to use chart later in the book.

Some early art for one of the models in the book. It has been used for the character page above. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The printed pieces have arrived!

Here is the unboxing of the pieces. Excellent packing from  Just FYI, the printed plastic is the most britle  material I have ever worked with. It makes resin feel like steel. This is definitely for prototyping and positives for a mold, not for handling or play at all.

Laying out the pieces. Everything is here except the head. The head will be given a slightly thicker barrel on the gun , and the second prototype will also feature a thicker cannon.

Here it is on some WHF bases to give it height. It has a Rackham figure on the left, and the Barbarian Dude on the right.  TBD is gigantic next to the Rackham figure. The clockwork tank is a nice average between them. Though I intended it to fit in a 35mm world, the hull fits a bit better in Rackham's 28. That may change when the claws are added on.

Here I am starting to tac on the legs... The ift is so precise that  it does not allow for much, if any, of the material to share the joint. This is  a job for glue, but I cannot do that until I have the second prototype in my hands.As soon as I have the second I will glue and paint this up for pictures.

I'll keep you updated!