Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some more stuff for my game. This guy sits on the top of a headless giant, becoming the giant's head... I am not sure where to go with the helm's crest yet. I am pretty sure I need to push proportions as well, to get the read more extreme.Thoughts?

Here are some sketches to show where it is going.  Booyaka.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A couple more concepts from an older project. These were designs for the witch from an ultra dark version of Hansel and Grettle. I liked the idea that the Witch was a zombie or a ghoul, but still had to be attractive to the children.

I wanted to throw up some older stuff to get this going. This is a design for a dock worker from the book Jenny.  bellow are some of the characters I did for that same story. Just bellow on the right is the gentleman who lives in that house, Mr. Grimm.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Here are a couple sneak peak shots of some things I am working for my grad project at SJSU. I am writing a rule book for a miniature table top game, designing the models, and next semester, 3D printing the models to complete the production. The production process is thrilling, but writing the book is taking longer than I thought it would. Go figure!

This is a logo design of the current working title of the project. This should be evocative of a portal, and the title is telling you where you are going... BLATANT! ;)

A design for the Phantom, a character in the game. He is currently in the 3D process, and is being modeled by my friend Johnathan Glabas.

Here is a page header, or footer, depending on the final page layouts.

There is quite a bit more, but I want to save most of it for the final release. I am targeting the end of May for a full release of the book with art, and at least 5-6 models. Stay tuned!