Sunday, February 10, 2013

1st project WIP for a class led by the legendary Barron Storey

 The project is meant to teach us to communicate through our work. We use a process for generating images called "bits". This has us creating many smaller works of art and compiling them into one composition later, allowing us the chance to focus on every item individually. He stresses that we use different media and push our comfort level. I gave it a strong effort, even moving with a concept I hated, but keeping it as it was the first thing that sprang to mind.

These are icons I made to glue into the collage on the final piece.

This is my 2nd rough draft. I chose to use this composition and move to a final. This is 14.5x 9'' on illustration board.

This is my final after about 4 hours, including all prep and drying time. It was amazingly fun to get outside and really work large again! I have not been able to do this in a few years. When my wife came home she looked at it and exclaimed "it looks like Owen". I agree.

Here is the piece at this point. It was not reading the way I wanted to so I started gluing down cheese cloth to obscure the less important elements- pushing focus to my primary and secondary focal points. that was still not strong enough so I connected them with a line of string, attempting to force a path for the viewer's eye. I may need to lay down some more cloth before Tuesday. I want to sit on it for a bit before I move again, though.

It is 33.5x 16'', print, acrylic, collage, and a ton of other random mixed media on wood panel, at this point.

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