Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The printed pieces have arrived!

Here is the unboxing of the pieces. Excellent packing from  Just FYI, the printed plastic is the most britle  material I have ever worked with. It makes resin feel like steel. This is definitely for prototyping and positives for a mold, not for handling or play at all.

Laying out the pieces. Everything is here except the head. The head will be given a slightly thicker barrel on the gun , and the second prototype will also feature a thicker cannon.

Here it is on some WHF bases to give it height. It has a Rackham figure on the left, and the Barbarian Dude on the right.  TBD is gigantic next to the Rackham figure. The clockwork tank is a nice average between them. Though I intended it to fit in a 35mm world, the hull fits a bit better in Rackham's 28. That may change when the claws are added on.

Here I am starting to tac on the legs... The ift is so precise that  it does not allow for much, if any, of the material to share the joint. This is  a job for glue, but I cannot do that until I have the second prototype in my hands.As soon as I have the second I will glue and paint this up for pictures.

I'll keep you updated!

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  1. The model looks great, I'm super excited to see a painted up secondary model.